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Revolutionizing Business with the Power of AI

We’re harnessing the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence to drive innovation and efficiency across all areas of business. Our mission is to show organizations the true power of data intelligence to unlock unlimited opportunities. Ready to join us?

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Fiber AI Leaders & Innovators

Meet our team of experts, driven by a passion for innovation and pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence.

Preetham Reddy
Founder & CEO

Technology leader with expertise in building highly scalable enterprise systems. A distinguished member of the American Society for AI (ASFAI)

Leo Oliemans
Co-Founder & CPO

Expertise in technology and supply chain with a dedication to innovation and efficiency, shaping the future of how businesses connect and operate.

Sergey Ustimenko

Enterprise-level architect and AI specialist who has led and coordinated the development of AI enabled solutions and business IT transformation for more than 10 years.

John Bellaud

Leader in technology, marketing, business, and media for over 30 years across all areas of digital transformation and AI-enabled business solutions.

Sam Salima
Lead Design Engineer

Over 20 years working in various design capacities including UX Research, Product Design, and Human & Computer Interaction.

Dmytro Honcharenko
Lead Architect

With a Master's degree in AI and over a decade of experience crafting IT solutions, our top AI expert is a passionate cybersecurity enthusiast.

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Our Mission

Business Productivity at the Speed of AI

Our mission is to empower businesses with AI-driven solutions that crush inefficiencies and propel productivity to unprecedented levels. Simply put, we unlock opportunity at scale.

One Prompt

Unparalleled access and insights from a single, centralized location

Deep Visibility

Penetrate disparate systems and data sources with the power of AI

Actionable Insights

Go beyond searching dashboards and gain real data intelligence

Measurable ROI

Watch productivity and efficiency skyrocket without blowing up IT budgets

"Empowerment through Self-service. By enabling employees to retrieve information independently, AI solution can eliminate bottlenecks and reduce reliance on specific individuals or departments for data-related queries. This self-service capability will help to improve operational efficiency and response times across the organization."
Mike Sullivan
VP of Development @ Supply Force
"Automate tasks that our account managers, engineers, and product support reps complete today. This includes customer support, identifying and recommending a product to a website user based upon their inputs."
Devon Phelan
Devon Phelan
Marketing Manager, NMBTC
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