Composable LLMOps/Gen AI platform

Fiber is a multi-cloud, multi-tenant and multi-model LLM Ops platform that can be used to train LLM Models on your data and leverages state of art RAG techniques and fine-tune responses based on your domain specific datasets.

Choose your own Language Model, Vector Database, Document Parser and deploy anywhere - Azure, AWS, GCP or your on-prem datacenter. Fiber provides you with many options, so you're not struck with components that don't satisfy your needs.

State of the art RAG and Finetuning techniques

Retrieval APIs

Chat with your enterprise data (PDFs, Databases, Knowledgebases etc.,) within minutes using Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) techniques and/or fine-tuned LLMs.

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Maximize Efficiency

Access disparate, decentralized systems and data from a single location. With Fiber, one prompt unlocks data silos and automates connectivity increasing efficiency across your entire organization.

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Scale Rapidly

More than a traditional chatbot, Fiber allows for multiple datasets to be added on the fly. Simply create new sets, assign preferred user groups, and scale up visibility with ease.

Secure & Private

Unlike other platforms, Fiber stays completely within your ecosystem. All data is stored in a private cloud environment ensuring it is fully secure and only accessible to your authorized users.

Powered by AI

Powered by state-of-the-art AI algorithms, Fiber delivers unparalleled conversational interactions, highly accurate responses, and continuous learning to enhance its intelligence over time.

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Integrate Anywhere & Everywhere

Designed to easily connect with any business ecosystem, Fiber’s flexible APIs integrate with multiple sources centralizing the data and ensuring accuracy with parent systems. When a system or record is updated, the changes are automatically processed and applied to the corresponding dataset giving you instant visibility and accurate responses, in near real-time.


Unlock AI Copilots with Tailored Pricing for your needs

We understand the unique needs of every business. Our flexible pricing structure is designed to align with your specific goals, ensuring you get results without the one-size-fits-all approach.  

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"Empowerment through Self-service. By enabling employees to retrieve information independently, AI solution can eliminate bottlenecks and reduce reliance on specific individuals or departments for data-related queries. This self-service capability will help to improve operational efficiency and response times across the organization."
Mike Sullivan
VP of Development @ Supply Force
"Automate tasks that our account managers, engineers, and product support reps complete today. This includes customer support, identifying and recommending a product to a website user based upon their inputs."
Devon Phelan
Devon Phelan
Marketing Manager, NMBTC

Frequently Asked Questions

Accelerate your business transformation with AI enabled Chatbots and Copilots and democratize access to information.

What is Conversational AI?
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Conversational AI is a type of Artificial Intelligence technology that allows users to interact with business systems and trigger automated processes through spoken or written natural language to complete business tasks. This is possible by using advanced Machine Learning, NLU (Natural Language Understanding), NLP (Natural Language Processing), interactive voice recognition, powerful integrations, data processing, and automation.

What are Conversational Business Apps?
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You can imagine them as adaptive digital workspaces operated by employees and customers working side-by-side with their AI virtual companions to complete business tasks. Delivering a total user experience 24/7, CBAs can be deployed 5x faster than features for legacy systems, successfully maximizing ROI for existing platform investments. CBAs leverage a powerful conversational AI layer, complex automation capabilities, and open connectivity to any enterprise system and RPA technology.

Can access to data be controlled by the company?
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Yes. Each conversational AI Chatbot will be trained on its own dataset and access to the data will be controlled by giving granular permissions based on departments, roles or specific users.

What data sources does Fiber Copilot support?
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Fiber Copilot supports structured, semi-structured or un-structured data like PDFs, spreadsheets, word documents, text files and enterprise databases.

Can Fiber Copilot be deployed to our Enterprise Cloud?
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Yes. Fiber platform can be deployed to your Microsoft Cloud subscription and is completely managed by your organization. It's built on Microsoft Cloud and all the artifacts like AI model, Vector Search Database, Data Lake, API Management etc., are all deployed to your Cloud Subscription. The access to the subscription and data is controlled by your organization. Fiber team will not have access to the data.

Schedule a demo

Schedule a demo with our experts and learn how you can pass all the repetitive tasks to Fiber Copilot AI Assistants and allow your team to focus on what matter to the business.