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Our Process

Create And Deploy AI Copilots On The Fly

Fiber AI Copilots can be created on the fly segmented by datasets, users, roles, and departments with granular permissions, and deployed to your secure enterprise cloud. Built using industry-leading AI models, cybersecurity tools, and multi-tenant architecture, the Fiber platform is secure by design and built to scale and adapt to the needs of your organization.


Create Datasets

The first step in creating chatbots is to create datasets. The dataset is a container for all the data that will be used to train the chat bot. The dataset can contain domain specific data segmented by departments, roles or users.


Ingest Data & Train Models

The next step involves ingesting data and documents. You can drop PDFs, text files, spreadsheets or connect to enterprise databases.


Assign Permissions

Once the dataset is created, you can assign permissions to people based on their roles, departments or simply a set of users that can access this data.


Create & Deploy Copilots

Finally, deploy the AI chatbot as a copilot to your enterprise apps and start asking questions.

Core Features

The fastest way to deploy Gen AI business apps across your enterprise

Helping businesses achieve more with generative AI and intelligent automation. Powered by Generative AI, NLP/NLU engines that truly understands human language, advanced analytics, a strong integration layer, Fiber Copilot provides a conversational UX layer to any enterprise system, enabling a revolutionary new way of working that closes the gap between users, processes, security and enterprise data.

Save time and lower costs

Pass repetitive tasks to robots and allow people to focus on work that matters.

Enhance user experience

Provide a conversational UX layer for users' interaction with any business process and data.

Drive more Engagement

Make work easier and provide interaction gateways exactly where users spend time.

Business Transformation with AI

Powering conversational business automation

Fiber Copilot is an advanced Conversational AI and Intelligent Automation hub that enables Enterprises to design and deploy superior experiences for internal and external users using omnichannel interactions and business process automation.

Increase revenue

Deploy conversational automation tocapture new business and nurture existing opportunities.

Improve aquistion

The multi-channel conversational layer provides new ways to engage all users with-in your organization.

Reduce churn

Fiber Copilot enables a self-service experience that promotes higher NPS and Customer Satisfaction.

Reduce costs

Fiber Copilot reduces resource consumption across all processes by enabling conversational AI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Accelerate your business transformation with AI enabled Chatbots and Copilots and democratize access to information.

What is Conversational AI?
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Conversational AI is a type of Artificial Intelligence technology that allows users to interact with business systems and trigger automated processes through spoken or written natural language to complete business tasks. This is possible by using advanced Machine Learning, NLU (Natural Language Understanding), NLP (Natural Language Processing), interactive voice recognition, powerful integrations, data processing, and automation.

What are Conversational Business Apps?
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You can imagine them as adaptive digital workspaces operated by employees and customers working side-by-side with their AI virtual companions to complete business tasks. Delivering a total user experience 24/7, CBAs can be deployed 5x faster than features for legacy systems, successfully maximizing ROI for existing platform investments. CBAs leverage a powerful conversational AI layer, complex automation capabilities, and open connectivity to any enterprise system and RPA technology.

Can access to data be controlled by the company?
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Yes. Each conversational AI Chatbot will be trained on its own dataset and access to the data will be controlled by giving granular permissions based on departments, roles or specific users.

What data sources does Fiber Copilot support?
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Fiber Copilot supports structured, semi-structured or un-structured data like PDFs, spreadsheets, word documents, text files and enterprise databases.

Can Fiber Copilot be deployed to our Enterprise Cloud?
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Yes. Fiber platform can be deployed to your Microsoft Cloud subscription and is completely managed by your organization. It's built on Microsoft Cloud and all the artifacts like AI model, Vector Search Database, Data Lake, API Management etc., are all deployed to your Cloud Subscription. The access to the subscription and data is controlled by your organization. Fiber team will not have access to the data.

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